Home To House 

So, after a good few months of photographing, processing, editing, sequencing, printing, folding, stitiching, binding and covering.. I am thrilled to say that my book 'Home To House' is completed and all handed in. Originally, I had planned to photograph people, from one street - Carncrows Street, on their doorsteps.  I was really impressed with the warm welcome that I got from people. After knocking on their doors, asking them a little bit about themselves and taking a photograph, offers of cups of tea and breakfast were also on the cards. After reflecting over the photographs, I felt that I could go a different route and started to look at the changes that were being made to these houses.  Once I had the correct number of images and sequenced them correctly, it was time to print and actually make the book! This certainly was fun! After printing the whole book out, I decided that I didn't like the paper that I had used so, I ordered different paper and reprinted.  I decided to stitch the pages rather than glue them, as I really like the way the book opened out flat when looking through it. I then made the hard covers using book board, book cloth and lots of pva (and patience). FInally, I made a dustjacket for the book - this, in my opinion, finished the book off.

I am so pleased with the final book.


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