Desfigurado from Karen on Vimeo.

So, for the start of the BA in Applied Media, we were set an introductory project where we had to produce a piece of work that interacts with the environment around us. This can be a piece of 'guerilla or environmental art' in the landscape or a more sculptural piece that we then record in which ever medium we desire, or a piece of media that incorporates the environment. When the rest of the group visited the woods at Crenver Grove, I was on holiday in Gran Canaria so I tried to adapt the brief to my specific location.  

There was alot of plantation on the walkway between Puerto Rico and Amadores, specifically cacti plants. After looking at the plants in detail, it became clear that they were full of graffiti carved onto the leaves. Cacti survive in a very dry environment without rainfall for weeks, sometimes months. When the rain does fall, cacti can retain and withhold enough water until the next bout of rain.  Obviously, if the plants are then damaged, this affects their ability to survive in these dry conditions.  I took a photo and after some post porduction in photoshop, I created a moving image showing the plant gradually becoming defaced. I felt that this was a very subtle but expressive way of conveying the problem of defaced cacti plants in the Canaries.

Defaced translated into Spanish is Desfigurado - it seemed a perfect title and needed no further explanation.

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